Plan, Shop, Prepare - Homemade meals just got easier

Gatheredtable makes life easier by answering the question, "what's for dinner?" We provide customers with all the tools they need to easily plan, shop for, and prepare homemade dinners. Customers tell us their diet, food avoidance, daily time constraints and how many times a week they want to cook. We then provide customers with a totally custom meal plan, full of our personally curated and tested recipes. But it doesn't stop there! The meal pans are editable, so you can tweak them however you like. You can also clip in your favorite recipes from the web, or type in your family favorites, and we'll automatically incorporate them into the menus. We're sure you'll like the grocery list best! The list updates across all platforms so you're always ready to go. It's very well organized to make grocery shopping faster than you ever thought possible. Our goal is to save users time, money, and stress through meal planning.

Gatheredtable donates 1% of profits to Edible Schoolyear Project.