RA Lifestyle is committed to delivering:

Excellent Service Experience


Ensuring YOUR contact with our RA Lifestyle Management at all times is:


  • ‘Round-the-clock’ instant access to customer service professionals (‘RA Lifestyle Managers’) who are knowledgeable, fully trained, and committed to delivering service excellence to YOU, wherever YOU are in the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • General Membership Level provides a reactive service.


  • Courteous & professional Lifestyle Managers.
  • Friendly & personalized – exhibiting personality & character, not ‘automated’ or ‘call-center-like’ following prescribed scripting.


  • Updates on request status as frequent as necessary to keep YOU properly informed.
  • Request completion timeline agreed upon between YOU & RA Lifestyle Manager – met or updated accordingly and within your agreed timing requirements. 


  • Experienced Lifestyle Managers asking relevant & detailed questions at the point of initial discussion according to request-type, saving YOU time and preventing delay and unnecessary on-going communication.
  • Lifestyle appropriate – contact method as preferred by YOU (email or telephone) and as dictated by request-type (e.g. last minute, urgent, emergency).
  • Detailed confirmation and reminder of request booking arrangements upon completion of request; including cancellation policy, booking reference numbers, and booking terms and conditions.

Valuable & Relevant

  • Understanding YOUR lifestyle wants and needs, and providing ‘Insider’ objective supplier recommendations, based on YOUR personal preferences & interests** – using network of legitimate, trustworthy & reliable global suppliers.
  • Knowledgeable advice using internal team of Specialists in their respective fields.
  • Source of diverse information, from suggesting luxury, unique and/or hidden gems, to providing relevant alternative options should YOUR first option not be available.
  • Tailoring suggestions & making arrangements to meet YOUR needs, not ours or those of our suppliers & contacts.
  • Providing on-going, added-value supplier benefits to YOU, based on what YOU value – be it saving time, money, or both!

Privacy Policy

  • Handling & fulfillment of YOUR requests with the utmost sensitivity, discretion and confidentiality, as well as cultural considerations and awareness at all times.
  • YOUR personal data recorded in a secure company CRM database handled with care and discretion at all times.

Effective & Rapid Complaint Handling

  • Available for YOUR feedback via phone, email, face-to-face meetings.
  • Swift acknowledgement of YOUR experience related concerns by your Lifestyle Manager and Head of Lifestyle Managers where necessary, interpersonal handling & investigation by appropriate RA team member, committed to acting in YOUR best interests at all times.
  • Complaint status update throughout entire course of complaint – no need to chase.
  • Follow up post-complaint resolution to ensure service excellence re-instated.

Welcoming Feedback

  • Regularly contacting YOU directly via telephone, email or in person, from appropriate RA team member throughout duration of YOUR membership to gauge the quality of YOUR experience.
  • Providing open platform for (and anonymous if preferred) feedback via dedicated Website section. Via Questionnaires & Member Surveys, from time to time.
  • Thanking for and swift acknowledgement of YOUR feedback.  Investigation, evaluation and follow up, where appropriate. Implementing new Member experience-related initiatives where required.

What YOU can expect from us

  • Calls are recorded for training purposes and to ensure that we strive for service excellence.
  • Cultivating & promoting an internal corporate culture of never-ending service evaluation & improvement.
  • Continuous pursuit of cutting edge, ‘insider’ and hidden gem finds throughout the world to share with YOU to help you experience more in YOUR everyday life.


* For more information, please read:

Club Rules and Membership Terms & Conditions