This is why you should consider turning your home into a SMART Home

Get Peace of Mind with the World’s Fastest Home Security

Fifty years ago, home automation—what many know as the smart house—was merely a technological fantasy conjured by clever science-fiction writers. Fast forward through the development of affordable and powerful microprocessors and Wi-Fi technology, and the fantasy has become real.

Home automation, which lets you remotely control gadgets in your house and pre-program everything from security system arming to the dimming of your lights, is now available as an easy expansion for many home security systems. If you’re wondering about the practicality of transforming your security system in to the brain of a smart home, here are four powerful day-to-day applications for home automation:

Reducing paranoia about unlocked doors

Do you ever leave your house for work and immediately start trying to remember if you actually locked your doors? With a home automation system, you can check the status of your locks at any time from a tablet or smartphone, and remotely lock the door if you forgot to do it in person. 

Making sure your children return home safely

Do your kids ever get home from school before you get off work? Using home automation, you can schedule notifications to let you know when your kids have unlocked the door and gotten home safely.

Accepting visitors remotely

Need to let a friend, neighbor, or service person into your home while you’re on vacation, but don’t want them to have your keys for a week or more? Just schedule a window of time for them to come over, use your home automation phone app to program your doors to be unlocked during that time period, and you’ll be good to go.

Saving energy

The capabilities of home automation extend beyond security-specific applications. In addition to controlling your security system, you can also automate your lights, thermostats and appliances, so you can save both money and the environment by controlling power usage remotely. Additionally, you can use your home automation system to periodically switch lights on and off, creating the allusion that the house is occupied in order to scare away potential burglars.