The first truly Smart Car Charger

The road trip season is upon us again. As the spring break fast approaches and ushers in summer vacation, it is time to prepare to hit the road with family or friends.

In the old days, you would grab a paper map, a camera, and plenty of snacks for the long drive. However, new advancements in technology have changed the equipment that we now carry when setting off on a road trip. Now, there are many high-tech items for you to consider when planning your next road trip. The following must haves will not only help you to enjoy your trip to the max but also keep everyone on the trip safe.


ZUS smart car charger

The ZUS car charger and smart car finder is the best USB charger ever to be made up-to-date. It features a high-quality cooling system that enables it to withstand high summer temperatures. The cooling system also boosts its lifespan making it remain operational for more than twice the span of normal car chargers. It is fitted with an ElegantShine lighting system, so that you can easily plug in charging cables in limited light.

The device is equipped with advanced detection technology allowing you to get the same quality of charge for your Android phone and iPhone. It can charge two devices simultaneously at twice the speed of normal car chargers. Moreover, the device will save your car’s parked location automatically when you park. To find your car quickly in a crowded car park, you will only need to open the ZUS app, and you will be guided to your car.

Cocoon Grid-It

Whether you are the driver or a passenger, you will not waste time ransacking your car for charger cords when you have this kit. The kit keeps everything organized in your car. You can store your charging cables, snacks, and portable devices safely keeping them easily accessible. The kit is available in different sizes and can nestle laptops and tablets of varying sizes enabling you to keep your trip organized.

Front Gate LED Emergency Baton/Road Flare

ZUS Smart Car Charger

Whenever you prepare for a road trip, you should also prepare for emergency situations. Whether you have a flat tire or an accident, having a visible road flare can help inform other drivers and help avert further accidents from oncoming cars and motorists. The flare is multi functional and does not need any batteries. It can be strategically placed on the road, or you can wave it at other drivers. The flare is visible for up to half a mile, far enough to warn other drivers.


Even though our smartphones can easily access Google Maps or Apple Maps, it is still a good idea to always have a physical map of the places you are traveling to in case technology fails such as in areas with no WIFI, cell signal or GPS signal. 

ZUS is the first truly smart car charger in the world. Designed in Germany, ZUS can charge your devices at twice the speed, also help you find your car with the iOS and Android ZUS app.